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Bassist and Educator

A self educated musician from Colombo, Sri Lanka, Uvindu Perera has been an advocate for educating and creating culture through music. A bass guitarist by trait he has worked with multiple artists and projects, His current work from the band “The Soul” has made a big impact creating a following in city that has a very small live and original music scene, which he hopes to help grow with every other project.


Being a part of the Musicmatters school since its inception in 2010, he has supported in teaching and performing, he has also been a part of the Musicmatters Collective playing in many ensembles which has pushed him toward other mediums and different methods of approaching instruments and music itself,  opening up to experimenting with sound in many forms.

Performances and Ensembles

  • The Soul

  • Serendib Sorcerers

  • Colombo 00200 Kinesthetics

  • Thriloka

  • Brahminy Kites

  • Amoral Compass

  • Sakwala Cakraya

  • Mix Master Blong

  • Amila Sanduruwan Collective

  • Eats Shoots and Leaves
(011) 231 4601 / (077) 285 4606

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Musicmatters Sri Lanka

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