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Individual Practice Rooms

Small rooms are equipped with a piano and a stereo with a headphone cable to play backing tracks.​

500 LKR / Hour

Drum Room

These acoustically treated drum rooms are great for drummers to practice individually. A PA speaker is set up with a headphone cable to play backing tracks.

500 LKR / Hour

Band Rehearsal Room

These rehearsal rooms can accommodate four to six members comfortably and are equipped with a PA,  keyboards, amps, and a drumset.

800 LKR / Hour

Performance Space

This space is available for both shows and as a rehearsal venue for large ensembles. A great space for acoustic nights, small-scale productions, improvised theatre etc.  

Large ensemble rehearsals – 2,000 LKR per hour
Shows – 25,000 LKR (50 seats. PA and basic lighting available. Technician’s fees are additional) 

Rehearsal Studios

Musicmatters Sri Lanka

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