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Scholarship Project

Musicmatters has been providing uniquely structured, performance driven, high quality music education for over 10 years to students of all ages in Colombo and more recently, to those living abroad. In keeping with our core beliefs which are grounded in being a provider of quality musical education to the musically oriented, our school has instituted a brand-new scholarship fund to serve the needs of potential students in 2022. 

The Dharman Jayasinghe Musicmatters Scholarship Fund is made possible by an endowment by the late Mr. Dharman Jayasinghe, an entrepreneur who wished his Singapore estate to be utilized for the education of Sri Lankan children. It was established by his family to honour the memory of the late Mr. Dharman Sathanath Jayasinghe, and his sons the late Hiran Jayasinghe and the late Ashan Jayasinghe.

The purpose of this Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships to deserving students between the ages of 8 and 16 years who have shown exceptional interest or skill in music and have fulfilled the necessary criteria. With this, recipients will gain access to a high standard musical education and resources through a 6-year programme, including an instrument for personal use and ownership upon the completion of the scholarship. Whether it be to follow a tertiary musical education or pursue a career in music, the objective of the scholarship is to equip students with the right tools to face their future and create a generation of passionate and talented musicians.

In the two months since its launching, we’re pleased to report that we have 28 students currently attending weekly lessons under the aegis of this scholarship, showcasing extremely encouraging results.

Our goal is to sustain the scholarship programme as a long-term initiative, and to create more opportunities for students who might not otherwise have access to music education due to financial constraints. In order to ensure that more children can continue to benefit from our music scholarship beyond the stipulated 6-year programme, we are looking into/exploring alternative sources of funding. We humbly call upon those interested in offering financial support to contact us on 077 285 4606 or email us at to discuss potential donor options. All funds would go directly into support of the students’ music education.

Akila Dananjana

Handing over a drum set to Dananjana in Mattakuliya in March 2022.

Kasun Sandeepa and Senesh Thiwanka

Handing over a drum sets to Kasun and Senesh in Torrington and Rodney Street in May 2022.

Meeps - Sea Surpetti Full Album
Fish Climbs Tree Records
Meeps - Sea Surpetti Full Album
Music by I. Smith Artwork by Ameli Vidanearachchi
O   O Full Album
Fish Climbs Tree Records
O O Full Album
Sumudi Suraweera   Low Country Drum Set Solo's
Fish Climbs Tree Records
Sumudi Suraweera Low Country Drum Set Solo's
Between Dreaming - Isuru Kumarasinghe
Fish Climbs Tree Records
Between Dreaming - Isuru Kumarasinghe
Around 2010 I was going through a transformation which exposed myself and more to understand the environment around me. I was having this feeling the things happening around me and with myself was questionable in a personal but socially reflective manner. I started questioning my music I was involved at that time which I couldn't connect to. I questioned the music of musicians I was involved with and their actions which I couldn't connect to. So for a while I asked Why? asking this question was really emotional to me because behind that there was an action myself made a trial to what I know as my life, my knowing, my friends, my beliefs, my feelings, way we are living. I believe 'Between dreaming' was a metamorphosis to myself to open up my ears to listen more carefully into what I hear around me and myself and especially how I listen to others and understand them. Around 2009/2010 i'm not the only one who was in a transition the whole country was and still ... 1. Why? 00:00 2. Drag 00:29 3. Finite Cultivation 4:08 4. Void 12:38 5. No Face I 18:10 6. Serotonin 22:28 7. Linguistic Formation 23:27 8. Island 31:52 9. No Face II 33:59 10. Self 39:52 11. Archetype Reflection 43:05 Released January 1, 2012
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