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TriOhana is a group of three musicians that formed together with the passion for learning, developing and establishing a scene in the field of Jazz in Sri Lanka.


The journey for the three of us began as fellow teachers at Musicmatters, which soon turned into friendship over the years and out which grew similar interests in music and life. Each one of us draws from different backgrounds and cultural upbringings and brings something distinctive to the trio.

Jazz, even though a late find for the three of us, is something that made way and continues to pave the way for us in not just developing skill and ability but also a deeper understanding of each other.​

Ohana(Hawaiian) means family. Which is why we thought it quite fitting for a group of musicians with a friendship built over the years, to be called a family of three.

Renuka Sriyantha - Guitar
Amal Abeygoonawardene - Double Bass
Yohan Jayasooriya - Drums


  • ​18 March 2022 – The Sound Room Sessions - Tri-Ohana featuring Akeel Vitharana

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