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musicmatters logo

Music School

We are a music school that offers an inspiring, creative, fun performance-driven, approach to music education for all ages.

MM Institute of Jazz Studies

We are a higher education institute that offers education on Jazz and Improvisation for professionals and serious students aspiring to be musicians.

Rehearsal Studios

We are a studio that offers a rehearsal space for your next band rehearsal.

Music Collective

We are a collective of musicians committed to developing a platform for music beyond the mainstream in Sri Lanka.

About Us

Musicmatters Kalimba
Musicmatters Kalimba

"When I walked in to Musicmatters to pick my daughter, it reminded me of Hogwarts – kids all over exploring sounds and instruments everyone’s too busy loving what they do …. It’s a passionate place being developed by a passionate person for passionate people about beautiful sound !!! Just love the simplicity and that magical feeling of free expression."

"The school is a musical treasure due to the outstanding musicians who are all talented instrumentalist with a thorough knowledge of music and music theory who are among the top jazz players in Colombo. Performance experience is an added benefit for the students especially the older ones!"

Michael Balonek

"A fantastic school in the heart of Colombo – very high-quality music skills learned here!"


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